Production automation makes an important contribution to improving productivity

Targets, available budgets, and prognoses to be reached determine which form of production automation must actually be used to achieve the optimal result in industrial automation.

Industrial automation as a solution to your production problem

Production automation can be used if you strive for increased output, cost reduction (efficiency), improving volume flexibility, mix production, quality improvement in the workplace, but also for ergonomic reasons.

The optimal combination with the right result

In order to achieve the desired production objective, we can provide you with various solutions. Examples include assembly and production lines, workplace equipment, handling systems and robotics. Both turn-key and under control and at every level of automation. Of course, the software can also be the solution in situations to achieve the right result. You can think of digital (real-time) work instructions, OEE performance measurement  and reporting software.

Below you will see an overview of the automation solutions that we offer.


production automation and mechanization for the manufacturing industry

A whimsical market demand, a large product mix, a limited lifespan of products and rapid developments in production technology. This is the context in which the manufacturing industry operates nowadays. Companies that can deal with these changes quickly and effectively are at an advantage over the competition. Due to good cooperation with chain partners, boundaries can be shifted.

From highly automated assembly lines to manual systems

In your assembly process, we guarantee an optimal “mix”, in which requirements such as batch size, divert flexibility and volume flexibility are optimized.

Why use a robot or cobot?

A simple and repetitive task can often be done cheaper and more reliably by robots than by people. Moreover, they can reach places that are hard to reach for people, and perform their duties there. Even if a task is too dirty, dangerous or physically impossible for a person, a robot can be used. In addition, complex tasks can often be performed more accurately by robots, resulting in a better outcome. The developments in the field of robotics are moving at lightning speed and robots are being used in more and more areas.

Due to these developments, robotization is within reach of SMEs.

Flow integrated product-specific test systems

Each test system is specific. But what binds all these systems is the fact that testing in the core adds little value to the end product. This means that the systems must be efficient and effective, without negatively influencing the output of the production system. The design of the test application takes account of (future) product changes and the flexibility that is desirable in this respect. Depending on the customer’s process, we have random QA applications, 100% QC machines and hybrids where a production step is combined with a test step. The test equipment is often integrated into the production flow.

Analysis of the production problem before investment proposals are made

In more complex or new processes, it is desirable to analyze the problem before investment proposals for production automation are made. In this phase, it is important to use experience and the right expertise. Invite us to think along with you!

VisualFactory work instruction software for quality, productivity & efficiency

VisualFactory is web browser-based work instruction software that is capable of drastically reducing costs, improving productivity and efficiency of your workforce and delivering First Time Right quality. VisualFactory is a comprehensive Lean application and offers real-time, dynamic electronic work instructions so that products are assembled without problems right after the pilot run. Also suitable for Low-volume High-variety and Configure-To-Order (CTO) environments.

production automation as a solution to your production problem?
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