Automatisering productie afgestemd op uw doelstellingen

By the many years of experience in the automate of production and assembly processes bij grote en kleine bedrijven is Total Productivity bij uitstek dé partner voor productie automatiseringin the manufacturing industry.

In addition to the extensive experience in the automotive, plastics industry, consumer products and markets, industrial products, we have all the knowledge in-house to provide you with a total solution. By concept development, engineering, construction to support, maintenance and advice.

Oplossingen voor productie automatisering die passen bij uw doel en budget

U kunt productie automatisering inzetten voor vele doeleinden:

  • verhoging van de output 
  • kostenreductie (efficiency)
  • verbeteren van volumeflexibiliteit
  • mix-productie
  • quality improvement
  • ergonomische redenen

We can supply our solutions in different variants, from turnkey to management basis. Target, budget en prognoses bepalen uiteindelijk natuurlijk welke vorm van productie automatisering er daadwerkelijk deployed is becoming om het optimale resultaat te krijgen.

Onze oplossingen sluiten dan ook altijd naadloos aan op uw doelstellingen en budget.

TP Concept Study

concept study
From problem analysis to a feasible concept solution

In the case of complex or new processes, it is desirable to analyze the problem before making investment proposals for production automation. In this phase it is important to deploy experience and the right expertise. With us you have come to the right place.

TP Concept Study

  • Provides optimal insight into the expected results.
  • Provides clarity regarding the feasibility of automation.

Operator Support

VisualFActory digitale werkinstructies
LEAN production supported by digital work instructions.

Improve the productivity, efficiency and uptime of your operators with: VisualFactory, Pick-to-Light and/or Augmented Reality (AR).

  • VisualFactory is web browser based work instruction software. The system can also be used as a MES for operations performed by operators.
  • Immediately Pick to Light addition, employees can see at a glance which part needs to be assembled.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) can be used, among other things, to visualize the assembly work.

Prevent mistakes from the first moment with the help of these resources. Read more about the possibilities and application of operator support systems here.

Assembly lines

From fully automated assembly lines to manual systems

Build your competitive position by optimizing your production.

We guarantee an optimal mix in our assembly solutions, depending on your objectives. Systems in which it is easy to switch from one to other products. With optimum flexibility in series size and product format.

Integration with an ERP system makes it possible to secure complete mix production in one-piece flow in an assembly system.

Naturally, the assembly line can be expanded with quality assurance, product identification and test automation.

Production systems

productielijn voor kunstof fust
Production automation for the manufacturing industry

Our special machines arise from your production issue, innovative customization, smart technical solutions, creativity and expertise.

High-quality special machines for the manufacturing industry. Don't just think about this quality assurance, pproduct identification and test automation. But also to special machines for specific product operations such as welding, deburring or assembly operations.

Test automation

test automatisering

Testing improves the quality of the product.

At its core, testing adds little value to the end product. All the more reason why these test systems must be efficient and effective, without negatively affecting the output of the production system.

By integrating test equipment into the production flow, rapid feedback takes place, minimizing waste and improving the quality of the end product.

Test systems guarantee uniformity in the end product.

Industrial robots & cobots

robot met vision cell

Industrial robots and cobots for a variety of applications

A repetitive and one-sided task can often be done cheaper and more reliably by robots than by operators.

Collaborative robots (cobots) are robots specifically designed to work with humans. This development opens the door to a variety of new applications. A cobot is easy to move, easily configurable for new tasks and can work between and with people.

In view of this versatile usability, we regularly use robotization in our assembly and production systems.

Our scope

Product Gewicht
up to ± 200 kg
Project Leadtime
between 1-12 months
Cycle Time
between 1-500 seconds
Project Turnover

up to ± 3 Million