Total Productivity designs
& builds production equipment

Total Productivity improves your productivity
Industrial automation and robotisation are the pillars of our service

our goal is to improve your productivity

From limited adjustments to full production automation. Our approach is unconventional, innovative but always result-oriented.

For production in small or large series.

improve your productivity with industrial automation

Total Productivity improves your productivity


Production automation for discretely produced goods

Think of fully automated production lines, but also automated workstations with specialist operations such as laser cutting, automated test cells or a product-specific packaging line. TP provides process optimization at every level of automation, production automation where safety and reliability stay in sight.

From highly automated assembly lines to manual systems

In your assembly process, Total Productivity guarantees an optimal combination, in which requirements such as batch size, mix flexibility and volume flexibility are perfectly matched.



With the new generation of robots, robotization is within reach of SMEs.

Production automation with the aid of robots is becoming increasingly accessible and is now also within reach of SMEs. Productivity, flexibility and quality can be lifted to a relevant higher level. Robotization helps you on your way to an organization producing with minimal deployment of personnel. We are brand-independent and give you objective advice.

Automated testing without loss of output

Product testing must be efficient and effective without negatively affecting output from the production system. Therefore test automation is a good choice. By integrating test tools into the production flow, a production step can be combined with a test step.

test automation

concept and feasibility study

Problem analysis prior to investment proposals

Before making investment proposals, it is important that a thorough process analysis takes place. Precisely in this phase it’s important to use experience and expertise to get to the right problem (and solution).

Especially at this stage we like to think along

Digital work instructions on the work floor

In particular, in order to guarantee the quality of the production process and to reduce the approach curve of new products or employees, real-time machining instructions provided at the workplace provide clear added value. VisualFactory electronic work instructions go one step further …



Every production problem challenges us in a positive way. This motivates us to build groundbreaking systems.

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