About Total Productivity

Total Productivity was created in its current form at the end of 2008 from IPA-TP through a buy-out of the Benelux market. Since that time we have concentrated on producing companies in the Benelux.

This short distance to our customers makes it possible to work closely together and to provide optimal customization. We can therefore boast of a regular clientele, which ranges from innovative SMEs to renowned market leaders.

Alkmaarsche IJzer- en Metaalgieterij

The former Alkmaar Iron and Metal Foundry, founded in 1879source: Unknown / Collection Regional Archive Alkmaar / FO 1006336.



In 1998, IPA-TP took over the industrial automation activities of the Nederlandse Machinefabriek Alkmaar (NMA).

Dutch Machine Factory Alkmaar

As part of Philips, NMA was previously known as Philips Machinefabriek Alkmaar. It became independent in the early 1990s when Philips decided that industrial automation was not part of Philips' core activities.

Philips daughter

In 1960 the Alkmaarsche IJzer- en Metaalgieterij became a full subsidiary of Philips. Under the name Philips Machinefabriek Alkmaar she started making production machines from 1970 and provided Philips factories worldwide with assembly and production systems.

Alkmaar Iron and Metal Foundry

The Alkmaarsche IJzer- en Metaalgieterij was founded in 1879. This factory has manufactured many products, including level crossing barriers and signaling installations for the railways.