Total Productivity wants to be a relevant and recognizable player in improving productivity for production companies that serially produce composite products in the Benelux.

We do this by deploying broad technical knowledge at application level and experience in a broad spectrum of disciplines.

We fulfill our customer wishes with attention and testing against our core values: groundbreaking solutions and the structural search for “even better”. We do this in collaboration with the customer in order to come to the best solution interactively.

Our goal is unassailable: only improving productivity counts.


We are very aware of the great economic importance of our own manufacturing industry within Western Europe.

Automation, production flexibility, quality and cost control are the key elements that ensure international competition. Innovation and Continuous Improvement Processes ensure the required innovation.

Competitive position Western Europe

The manufacturing industry is again investing in production processes and is integrating the most modern techniques to strengthen its competitive position. Technological developments are making high-quality automation, such as robotics, available to more and more manufacturers. Also for production in smaller series.

Our approach

Total Productivity's approach is based on achieving the maximum result for the customer. We realize, in collaboration with the customer, the optimal combination of automation, human labour, methodologies and tools. The payback period (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) are criteria that partly determine the chosen solution.

Interactive collaboration

Thanks to a combination of production knowledge, creativity, sometimes unconventional thinking, technical insight and realizing ability, we can serve our customers optimally and decisively. This requires an interactive collaboration. The interaction is fostered by our pursuit of long-term relationships based on mutual trust. In this way we contribute to the competitive position of our customers.

Core values

Since our inception, we have conducted our work with dedication, quality, passion and integrity. And we still do that.
That is our corporate culture and that is what our employees stand for. We work on the basis of the following core values:



intensive interaction with regular customers

network of specialists

collaboration with knowledge institutes



creative and “out of the box”

investing in innovation

(inter) national R&D projects


Goal oriented

preliminary study and realization in one hand

balance in commitment of people, means & method