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Naturally we can tell you from our point of view experiences, goals and achievements in our projects and products . However, we prefer to let our customers speak for themselves.

No one better than they can share with you how they experienced the quality of our services.


“We wanted to shorten the time-to-market by co-developing the production line whilst the engineering of our product was not completely finalized”

To develop a flexible production line with changes of the product during this proces, is a true challenge. It requires an intensive and professional cooperation. Not only for the two prime partners in this proces, but also for the suppliers of special equiment.

“With this machine we can remove fast and first-rate the injection mold residues of plastic parts”

In the project several challenges came together: re-use of existing conveyors, short cycle time and an optimum flexibility  to adapt the machine -against low costs- for future products or product changes.

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Every production problem is a challenge for us in a positive way. It motivates us to push boundaries in our developments and solutions.

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