Use cases & customers

Every customer we serve has its own story. Stories that tell of ambitions and challenges. But also about the solutions we offer them. Together we realize ambitions and achieve production goals.
In this way we work on sustainable relationships with our customers.

Below is a selection of the projects at beautiful companies that we work for with passion.

Use cases

speciaalmachien POLYTEC Roosendaal

Flexible Clips Mounting Unit for POLYTEC

A flexfeeder with a vision system provides the robot with information about how the clips are oriented.

This application ensures that other types of clips can also be placed when desired.

one-piece-flow SAG Alutech

One-Piece-Flow Assembly SAG Alutech

One-Piece-Flow assembly system fed with information directly from the end customer's ERP system.

The requested delivery time requires a minimum lead time and a low margin of error.

Some of our customers