Annual event TechValley 2021

It's been a while, but it's finally allowed again: Taking into account the applicable rules, it was possible again after a long time to meet each other live at the Annual Event of TechValley.

With an attendance of more than 70 participants, the event, which took place on October 14, can be called a resounding success.


The annual event was mainly dominated by the premieres of the TechValley movies. TechValley's main video shows the diversity of the network, participants and collaboration.

In addition, each participant has their own video that zooms in on the projects and innovations what the company is doing. Below the video about Total Productivity. These and all other videos can be viewed on the TechValley youtube channel.

Presentation of Smart Industry Fieldlab plaque

In addition, Theo Henrar, chairman of the Steering Committee Smart Industry, during this event the official Smart Industry Fieldlab plaque to the TechValley project team. “This makes TechValley the 4th field lab in Noord-Holland Noord, where entrepreneurs, researchers and students work together on the technology of the future.”

Smarter processes

Ilse Zaal, deputy of the Province of Noord-Holland, is strongly committed to this technical sector: “We don't have time to wait any longer. The tight labor market requires smarter processes, but also sustainability. These kinds of networks are extremely important for our economy and for connecting education to the labor market.”

Next Generation Machine Engineering

TechValley has a clear focus, which is now reflected in its new pay-off: Next Generation Machine Engineering.

This pay-off line doesn't just refer to the fact that TechValley members are working on the machines of the future and a field of the future. A new generation of technical talent is also being worked on.

Not sitting still

Beautiful examples of this could be found at the following fair. Cool to see that our colleagues have certainly not been sitting still in the past period.

About TechValley

Since its inception in 2018 TechValley has grown into a meaningful network in which companies, researchers and education work closely together to accelerate innovation and exchange knowledge.

Partners in TechValley are 10 North Holland machine builders, Inholland University of Applied Sciences Alkmaar and the Development company North Holland North .

A network of innovative machine builders

By learning from each other and developing new ideas together, they create an innovative ecosystem of manufacturing companies that is preparing for the future. They play an important role in the development and application of Smart Industry.

Total Productivity is proud to have been part of TechValley from the very beginning.

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