I want to optimize my production process

Where do I begin?

I'm launching a new product

How can I assemble as efficiently as possible?

The demand for my product is increasing

How can I best scale up my production?

My customer wants me to deliver Just In Time

How do I switch to one-piece-flow production?

We believe in the right balance between man, machine and method. Based on your objectives and situation, we advise you on the right ratio.

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Overview of our core activities

TP Concepts

From analysis to a feasible and creative concept. Provides optimal insight into the intended result.

To be purchased as a separate product (TP Concept Study) or as part of a project.

TP Engineering

The foundation of the final system. Delivered in the form of 3D models and detailed drawings.

Construction follows after approval of the design.

TP Constructing

Assembling the system in our workshop.

After approval, the system is built on location and training of operators and technical service follows.

TP Support

Periodic maintenance and support of the delivered systems.

In addition, make use of our LEAN professionals and get the most out of your production process.

Overview of our products

TP Concept Study

TP Concept Study

From analysis to a feasible and creative concept solution. Research report as a basis for the right investment application for (new) products or processes.

VisualFActory digitale werkinstructies

Operator Support

LEAN production with, for example, digital work instructions. Prevent mistakes and increase efficiency in the workplace with VisualFactory, Pick2Light or Augmented Reality.

Assemblage Systemen

Assembly systems

From completely automated assembly lines to manual systems. With optimum flexibility in batch size, product format and OnePieceFlow assembly.

productielijn voor kunstof fust

Production systems

Efficient special machines and production lines for the manufacturing industry that do what they have to do. Ensure optimum productivity.

test automatisering

Test automation

Test and measurement systems for integrated and optimal quality assurance. As part of an assembly or production line or as a stand alone end-of-line tester.

robot met vision cell

Industrial robots & cobots

Industrial robots and cobots for a variety of applications. Integrated in an assembly or production line or supplied as a robot cell.

Our scope

Product Gewicht

up to ± 200 kg

Project Leadtime

between 1-12 months

Cycle Time

between 1-500 seconds

Project Turnover

up to ± 3 Million

Total Productivity in 1 minute

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