Aan de lopende band productiviteit verhogen

Increasing productivity on the assembly line

More and more manufacturers give their customers the choice of all kinds of options to “customize” their purchase. A big plus for sales, but a challenge for production. Because how do you produce such varied orders as efficiently as possible? That is a question that Total Productivity knows how to deal with.

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De juiste balans tussen mens, machine en methode

The right balance between man, machine and method

We believe in the right balance between man, machine and method is the credo of Total Productivity. That sounds great, of course, but how do you achieve that balance? We ask Hans Totté, Managing Director of Total Productivity (TP).

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One-Piece-Flow Assemblage SAG Alutech

One-Piece-Flow Assembly SAG Alutech

One-Piece-Flow assembly system fed with information directly from the end customer's ERP system.

The requested delivery time requires a minimum lead time and a low margin of error.

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