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Aan de lopende band productiviteit verhogen

Increasing productivity on the assembly line

More and more manufacturers give their customers the choice of all kinds of options to “customize” their purchase. A big plus for sales, but a challenge for production. Because how do you produce such varied orders as efficiently as possible? That is a question that Total Productivity knows how to deal with.

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Jaarevent TechValley 2021

Annual event TechValley 2021

It's been a while, but it's back now! Taking into account the applicable rules, it was finally possible again after a long time to meet live at the TechValley Annual Event.

With an attendance of more than 70 participants, the event, which took place on October 14, can be called a resounding success.

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Industriële machinebouw is duurzame machinebouw

Industrial machine building is sustainable machine building

A technical failure that shuts down the entire production process. The horror for any company in the manufacturing industry. But it becomes even more annoying if the part that causes the problems is no longer available.

Joery Brown, Manager Projects at Total Productivity shares his vision.

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TNO en Total Productivity werken samen aan de fabriek van de toekomst

TNO and Total Productivity work together on the factory of the future

Total Productivity (TP) and TNO have maintained a pleasant working relationship for over fifteen years, including in the Flexible Manufacturing Field Lab on the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven (BIC).
Here, supply and demand in the field of digital innovation and robotization are linked.

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