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Visual Factory in the Flexible Manufacturing Field Lab

Total Productivity is an active participant in the Smart industry Fieldlab Flexible Manufacturing. In this Field Lab, companies and knowledge institutions work together to develop and demonstrate flexible production automation, assembly, robotization and digitization solutions. For flexible and high-quality small series production, at mass production cost.

This practical environment inspires and informs manufacturing companies through demonstrations about groundbreaking themes in areas such as operator support systems, cobotics and augmented reality (AR).

VisualFactory wordt ingezet in de Fabriek van de toekomst

Integration Visual Factory

Total Productivity will integrate this fall in collaboration withTNO, the Shopfloor Control System (SFC) “Visual Factory” (VF) in one of the demo workplaces on theBIC Campus in Eindhoven. This software supports operators with digital, interactive work instructions that are offered to operators on an order- and option-specific basis in an ergonomic and intuitive way. The system offers a wide range of functionality in the field of quality assurance, testing and traceability, including through the integration of tools and tracking hardware.

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