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Robot & vision integration at Philips Drachten

Special machine that removes the sprue of injection molding components fully automatically. The machine is designed with product flexibility as the main principle.

Volledig automatisch worden de aanspuitingen van de spuitgietcomponenten nauwkeurig verwijderd

Philips Drachten

Philips Drachten develops high-quality, consumer-oriented products for the global market. Examples of these products are shavers, beard trimmers, vacuum cleaners, SENSEO®coffee machines, hair dryers and epilators.

Philips Drachten has been the production center of shavers since 1950.

Production automation

Total Productivity recently delivered production automation to Philips Consumer Lifestyle. A special machine that removes the sprue from injection molding components fully automatically. This machine has been designed with product flexibility as the main principle.

Flexibility through interchangeability

The flexibility is realized by limiting the product-dependent machine parts and making them interchangeable. The customer's request to reuse parts of an existing installation was also included in the design and implemented. This concept therefore offers plenty of application possibilities for the plastics processing industry.

Product handling by robots

The sprues of the injection molding components are accurately removed fully automatically. The product handling is provided by two Adept SCADA robots. The punching process is realized by means of an indexing turntable with four interchangeable lower dies in combination with one upper die. This principle was already developed by us in 2014 and has since been further developed.

Vision application

A vision application secures the loading and unloading of the relevant products in the correct orientation.

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Collection, forwarding, processing and visualization of measurement and control signals from various machines in large industrial systems is done by a SCADA system. A SCADA system consists of a computer with the SCADA software on it.

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