Use Case

Placing compression limiters

We have designed a special machine for a supplier in the automotive industry for installing compression-limiters in plastic panels. These threadless inserts reinforce the plastic so that the product can withstand the compressive force applied when a bolt is tightened.

automatisch plaatsen van compressie begrenzers

Machine operation

  • An operator places two plastic panels in product-specific molds per machine cycle.
  • The inserts are supplied individually using a vibrating filler, after which a SCARA robot places them one by one at 8 different positions.
  • The machine then checks the correct presence of the limiters before the pressing stroke and after the pressing process for correct placement of these inserts.
  • After the operator has removed the panels, the new cycle starts.

Poka Yoke

The production process is designed in such a way that it is virtually impossible to make mistakes (poka yoke).

Unique in accuracy

The unique thing about this machine is the accuracy of component placement and pressing of the inserts within the dimensional deviations of the product. The product-specific molds are interchangeable so that in the future, with a limited investment, the machine can be made suitable for other products.

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