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With one machine, fast and high-quality burr removal of extruded plastic parts

TP recently supplied Philips Consumer Lifestyle a turnkey production solution. This application removes extrusion burr of several plastic products by means of a flexible punch application. Starting point of the design was product flexibility and total cost of ownership.


Contemporary automation realizes the required flexibility

This flexibility is realized by the application of product-specific exchange moulds. Also, on request of the customer, several existing hardware was reused in the application, like conveyor drive units.

This concept offers great opportunities for the plastics industry.

Product handling by robots

The castings of the injection-molded components are fully automatical, accurately removed. The product handling is provided by two Adept SCADA robots. The punching process is realized by means of an indexing turntable with four interchangeable bottom punches in combination with one top stamp.

This principle was developed by us in 2014 and has been further professionalised through the years.

Vision application

A vision application controls the loading and unloading of the right products in the right orientation.


SCADA is the abbreviation of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. It is the collection, forwarding, processing and visualization of measurement and control signals from different machines in large industrial systems. A SCADA system consists of a computer with the SCADA software on it.
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