Examples of VisualFactory implementations

Examples of succesful implementations of VisualFactory work instruction software in one-piece flow assembly processes.


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example 1

production concept for one-piece flow assembly

Design and build a production concept that facilitates one-piece flow assembly of office chairs.

  • Consultancy report of the production concept
  • Turn-key realization
  • Implementation digital work instructions



  • Production concept one-piece flow production, lean manufacturing in an integrated logistics process
  • Production, quality and efficiency improvement by  implementation of VisualFactory

example 2

reduction of quality reject shock absorbers rod

  • Design an assembly cell for multiple product types production
  • Implementation VisualFactory digital work instructions combined with Pick-to-Light
  • Kanban material supply system



  • Universal work stations
  • 50% capacity extension
  • Integrated quality assurance and optimized mix-flexibility with VisualFactory and Pick-to-Light

example 3

generic assembly system with optimized volume- & mix flexibility

design a generic assembly system with optimized volume- and mix flexibility suitable for a wide product range.

  • Re-configurable assembly modules
  • VisualFactory digital work instructions with high volume mix production



3 assembly lines:

  • Low volume high mix
  • Average volume high mix
  • High volume high mix
  • All production lines equipped with VisualFactory electronic work instructions

example 4

improvement of quantitative and qualitative performance of re-integrating operators


Implementation of VisualFactory interactive work instructions



  • Decreased personal support and guidance
  • Improved quality of performance
  • Improved self esteem of the employee

example 5

system to assess the skills of a potential operator

Design and build a system to assess the skills of a candidate. The objective insight in these skills increases the chance of a succesful job performance.

  • Workstation with digital work instructions
  • Monitoring and registrating software
  • Scenarios for 4 different skills types



  • Objective insight in assembly and production skills
  • Test during 1 day with full objective digital guidance
  • Co-development with university and knowledge institute
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