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A comprehensive Lean application

VisualFactory is a web based software platform, enabling you to achieve significant cost reduction, and improve the efficiency and productivity of your production and bring your quality assurance to the next level.

Stable and standardized processes

This work instruction software offers real-time dynamic electronic work instructions.

It assures that products are produced in a flawless assembly process with embedded quality assurance steps. Fit for low volume/high variety as well as configure-to-order (CTO) environments.

A simple 3-steps process in combination with a Kaizen mentality

keep it simple


The internal intelligence and  innovative configurator makes the production of complex assemblies with a high variety extremely simple and cost-effective.


VisualFactory is a “single point of contact” for all production knowledge and intelligence, making other documents and instruction systems on the shopfloor obsolete.



This  software platform automates and coordinates the manufacturing intelligence needed to optimize the process. Information presented exactly at the right moment.

The software platform offers all functionality to support lean manufacturing and integration with other information systems. The architecture is in full compliance with ISA-95-international standard for the integration of office and production automation systems .

More than only visual work instructions

VisualFactory is developed  to integrate valuable data and present it in the right form at the right moment. It offers a database to evaluate and adjust production data.
The use of tooling is controlled as well as balancing tools to fine-tune the manufacturing process.

Watch the video to obtain insight in where and how VisualFactory software can be applied.

VisualFactory is an application with comprehensive functionality

Below we will mention some of the most popular modules:

web based application

web based

It is a web based application on the VF intranet network. This makes installation of the software straightforward.
BOM integration

bom integrated

Offering seamless interfacing with contemporary software applications like ERP & MRP systems, SAP, Oracle, WinMan, Mapics and many others.
visual work instructions

visual work instructions

With VisualFactory you can make and maintain simple, visual, digital work instructions. The instructions are designed to communicate intuitively and is extremely user-friendly. Much better than traditional text instructions.
database architecture

database architecture

VF is web based, using a central database application. Efficient configuration and data management and above all, state of the art safety assurance.
modular design

modular design

Every company has their own set of priorities and functional needs. The modular design of Visual Factory enables the customer to purchase, activate and implement only those modules that are necessary and fitting with the process improvement steps that are taken.
record production data

record production data

VisualFactory registrates data of the production process that provides valuable information for balancing, planning or traceability ends. Think of realized process times, OEE, applied tooling and used parts (serial or batch numbers). Essential information to achieve efficiency or output goals or to assure the quality.
comprehesive support system

comprehesive support system

Helpdesk ticketing for worldwide on-line or phone support.
mobile compatibility

mobile compatibility

The software is compatible with contemporary hardware including future  mobile and tablet. This enables the operator to work “mobile” with Visual Factory, not being tight to a fixed screen.

VisualFactory software is much more than just digital work instructions

VisualFactory seamlessly integrates with your current software applications

VF offers a comprehensive platform supporting interaction with upper and lower software layers and lean manufacturing. It delivers a coordinated system in full compliance with the ISA-95 approach.

  1. Best practice Lean Manufacturing with standardized visual work instructions
  2. Level 2 and 3 manufacturing software system model ISA-95
  3. Integrated modularity ensures integrated solutions for manufacturers
    MES-functionality (Manufacturing Execution System) and
    Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)
  4. Source for Manufacturing Knowledge & Manufacturing Intelligence
  5. VisualFactory co-implements philosophies like Lean Operations, Just In Time Production, Kaizen, Visual Kanban and others
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