VisualFactory. Digital work instruction and Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) in one.

NoMuda VisualFactory (VF) is our choice when it comes to a smart process assurance system. This software is a digital work instruction application and Lean production software(MES) in one.

Improve the productivity and efficiency of your workforce using this application. Possibly supplemented with other operator support systems.

The benefits of VF digital work instructions

Improve efficiency

With VF digital work instructions improves the productivity and efficiency of your employees because operators always use the best and fastest working method.

digitale werkinstructies beperken de kosten door fouten te voorkomen

Limit the costs

VF digital work instructions help you to eliminate errors and inaccuracies in the production process.

VisualFactory uses Lean Manufacturing concepts to minimize waste in the workplace.

Track & Trace

Maximize the efficiency of your product tracking systems with VF. this smart Manufacturing Execution System (MES) helps you avoid mistakes.

The Track & Trace functionality monitors the entire process and is the basis for continuous improvement.

First Time Right met Visual Factory

Right the first time (FTR)

VF offers smart Lean error-proof software.

Errors are minimized as operators adhere to the optimal process. As a result, no rework or repair is required.

Verbind VisualFactory MES en digitale werkinstructies met uw ERP systeemmet

Connect ERP or tools

Integrate VF with your ERP, test equipment or with your tools and equipment to create an IoT-enabled workplace. Saving production data is easily possible.

Kwaliteitsborging met digitale werkinstructies en Manufacturing Execution System van VisualFactory

Quality Assurance

VF helps to secure and monitor your production processes and to comply with quality assurance procedures and the expectations of your customers.

train uw operators met VF

Train your operators with VF

Train operators on the job. Reduce training costs with VF digital job instruction software.

Simple and intuitive

Fast acceptance in the workplace due to user-friendliness and simplicity.

Veilig in de cloud

Secure in the cloud

VF is stored securely in the cloud or on your corporate network.

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More information?

Total Productivity is official dealer of NoMuda VisualFactory (VF) software

VF is a web-based system. The step-by-step visual digital work instructions provide clear, accurate information with which you can safeguard even the most complex processes.

It has integration opportunities with many existing ERP systems. In addition, it provides real-time information about progress, production status, bottlenecks, problems and open defects.

In addition, VF offers flexible pricing based on a pay-per-seat formula with monthly subscription models that are easy to scale up and down. The modular design gives the flexibility to only pay for what you need at the moment and add extra functionality when you need it.


Interested in VisualFactory software?

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of VisualFactory digital work instructions and the Manufacturing Execution System? Or interested in a demonstration or a pilot project?

Please feel free to contact us.

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