Test automation improves quality

Testing adds little to no value to the end product. This in itself is a reason why test setups must be efficient and effective. Test automation should not, of course, negatively affect the output of the production system.

By integrating test equipment into the production flow, rapid feedback takes place. As a result, downtime minimized and improves the quality of the final product.

Quality as a measurable standard

An objective quality standard makes a valuable contribution to an efficient assessment of a product or service by quality employees but also by customers. An objective quality standard is measurable and that is good for improvements and process optimisation.

A measurable standard with established rules is eligible for automation.

Automated testing

Product tests such as a safety test or functional test are necessary to guarantee the operation and quality of the end product. Automating test operations ensures a uniform process in which all rules are recorded. Every product therefore goes through the process in the same way.

This creates a constant quality level.

testautomatisering geleverd aan OneCircle

Process optimization through test automation

In addition, test setups must also be efficient and effective and preferably operate without loss of production or extra effort from operators. You can achieve this by optimally integrating test automation into the production process.

The automated testing process is less prone to errors because manual actions are reduced. Any problems can be quickly fed back, preventing errors and repairs.

Also, automated testing can increase the depth and scope of testing to further improve quality.

Inline, offline and end-of-line product testing

We develop and manufacture both semi-automatic and fully automatic test equipment. In most cases, semi-automated testing means that input and output of the product to be tested is done manually. Both forms of test automation can take place inline, offline, and end-of-line.

Examples of product tests suitable for test automation

  • Functional test
  • Safety test
  • Pressure test
  • Moisture resistance test
  • Dimension test (build quality)
  • Endurance test
  • Electrical test

Project approach

Our project approach ensures that the realized test automation meets the specifications. In the design of the test tools, (future) product changes and the flexibility that is desirable are taken into account.

Test machines

Developed and built by us