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Automated testing without loss of output

Integral quality assurance is crucial in every production process. We achieve this initially by avoiding potential errors in the production process, in the second place by checking and testing the (end) products. Verification of whether the product meets all requirements and is suitable for the intended use is therefore crucial in every production process. Product tests, such as a safety tests or functional tests, must also be efficient and effective, preferably without production loss or extra efforts by operators. This can be achieved by integrating test automation optimally in the production process.

In-line, offline and end-of-line product tests

Of course, a production line must firstly intrinsically guarantee the quality of the product to be manufactured, but test automation may be necessary, depending on the product, the methodology used and the complexity or life phase of the product.

We develop and manufacture semi-automatic and fully automated test equipment. Semi- automated testing implies in most cases that the input and output of the product to be tested is done manually. Both types of test automation can take place both in-line, offline and end-of-line.

Examples of product tests suitable for test automation

  • Functional test
  • Safety test
  • Pressure test
  • Moisture resistance test
  • Dimension test (build quality)
  • Endurance test

Our project and account approach ensures that the test automation achieved meets the specifications. In the design of the test tools, account is taken of (future) product changes and the flexibility that is desirable in this respect.



Based on your specific wishes, we can quickly deliver high-quality customer and product specific test automation.

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