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Responsible investing in the future with TP Concept Study

Although we are still living in uncertain times because of Corona, one thing is for sure, this will pass.
It is therefore wise to look ahead to the future. Our TP Concept Study is the medium to deal with the current situation in a responsible manner.

TP Concept Study (video: 01:37min)


Design process as a separate assignment

Our projects have a lead time between 2 and 10 months. This is the time from the intake to the completed installation at your location (SAT).

We are currently seeing that our customers are increasingly opting for the option of providing the design and/or engineering process in separate orders. For example in the form of an engineering assignment or a feasibility or advice report, in anticipation of the eventual project realization.

Reduce risk without additional costs or delay

Not only is the investment and therefore the risk smaller for the moment. The total project investment, including implementation, will not increase. And if the economy picks up again, the delay in starting new projects will be limited. In addition, the intrinsic advantages of a feasibility study can be fully exploited.


  • Optimal return on investment (ROI)
  • An optimal interpretation of your productivity and quality issues, also based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • A concept widely supported within your organization.

In doing so, you have optimal insight into the expected results.

Total Productivity is currently carrying out several concept studies in, among others, the automotive and plastics industry.

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Interested in such a TP Concept Study?

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