Operator Support Systems (OSS)

Shorten the learning time and increase the employability of your employees.

Operator support systems (OSS) guide employees through the assembly process using digital instructions and signals. In addition, operator support systems have a major influence on the quality of the execution.

By using digital techniques you can offer the instructions in various ways. In this way, digital work instructions create a myriad of new possibilities.

Types of Operator Support Systems

VisualFactory digitale werkinstructies

Digital work instructions

Work instruction software simplifies management and increases the quality of the end product.

Improve the productivity and efficiency of your workforce with the help of this application by preventing mistakes from the first moment (First Time Right/FTR).

Total Productivity is official dealer of NoMuda VisualFactory shop floor control software.

assemble-to-light als operator support systeem

Pick-to-light / Assemble-to-light

With a Pick-to-Light addition to your digital work instructions, employees can see at a glance which part needs to be assembled.

Assemble-to-light projection indicates where the operator should assemble the next part.

The picking process is monitored and a warning signal is given in the event of a selection error.

operator support systemen

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR can be used, among other things, to visualize the assembly work.

With AR, a digital model can be integrated into a real situation. This makes it immediately visible what an assembly will look like.

Any changes can be made in real time.

Use of digital techniques

An erratic market demand, a large product mix, limited product life and rapid developments in production technology. This is the context in which assembly plants operate today. In addition, an aging population and a shortage of personnel are causing a strongly changing labor market.

Flexible deployment of staff

Companies that deal effectively with change have an advantage over the competition. Many companies therefore need to deploy employees quickly and flexibly in the production process.

The use of operator support systems increases the flexibility and productivity of your employees.

Working towards an inclusive labor market

In addition, research by TNO that people at a distance from the labor market can be deployed with this technology for activities they would not otherwise be eligible for.

Benefits of using Operator Support Systems

  • Instructions are always up to date.
  • Prevent mistakes from the first moment.
  • Always the right work instruction based on an order number or through a direct link with the ERP/MES system.
  • No loss of time by looking for the right work instruction.
  • Instructions can be presented in various ways, such as video, photos, text and 3-D animations.

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