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Industrial robots provide in flexibility and continuous quality

When solving complex issues in the field of production processes, robotization is one of the most important techniques.
Because manufacturers are striving for more and more flexibility in the production process, an increasingly higher degree of automation and free programming is required.

Optimal flexibility or mix production provides enormous savings in costs and time. Industrial robots can fill this in, we can realize this. In a broad spectrum of markets and applications.

Robot technology is now within reach of SMEs.

Until recently, industrial robots were only accessible for big companies and they were used for specialist, repetitive, fast actions. Nowadays cobots, collaborative robots that support employees or machines in performing their tasks, are on the rise. With this new generation of industrial robots, robotization is within reach of SMEs.


A cobot works between and with people.

The cobot is a complex industrial robot that is meant to be able to physically work with people in a shared workspace. These collaborative robots open a new range of applications. Such a cobot is easy to move, easily learns new tasks and can work between and with people.

The benefits of cobots at a glance

  • Generally applicable
  • Can work with operators without additional safety measures such as safety screens
  • Easy to program
  • The payback time can be further reduced through flexible deployment at various positions

Total Productivity for independent advice

Total Productivity is not tied to a robot manufacturer or brand as a representative. This gives us the freedom to come to the optimal choice, in consultation with the customer. This applies both to the industrial robot or cobot itself and to the additional techniques such as the gripper, camera, scanner and lighting.

With the new generation of cobots, robotization is within reach of SMEs.

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