Smart automation with industrial robots and cobots

Robotization is one of the most important techniques when solving problems in the field of production methods. Industrial robots and cobots provide optimal flexibility and can result in enormous savings in costs and time.

Until recently, industrial robots were only available to large companies. There they mainly become used for repetitive and fast actions. But nowadays collaborative robots, or cobots, are on the rise.

Areas of application of industrial robots and cobots

The fields of application of robots and cobots are enormous. A repetitive and one-sided task can often be done cheaper and more reliably by robots than by operators. In view of this versatile usability, we regularly use robotization in our assembly and production systems.

A cobot works between and with people

a cobot is a robot intended to work together with humans in a communal work environment. These cobots are relatively affordable and easier to program and configure.

These cobots open up a new range of applications. it is easy to move, easily learns new tasks and can work between and with people.

Industriële robot met vision cell

Industrial robots for SMEs

With the emergence of this new form of robotic automation come industrial robots also within reach of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The benefits of cobots

  • Generally deployable
  • Collaborate with operators without additional security measures such as shielding
  • Easy to program and configure
  • The payback time can be further reduced by flexible deployment in various positions.

Independent advice

Total Productivity is not tied to any robot manufacturer or brand as a representative. This gives us the freedom to make the optimal choice in consultation with the customer. This applies both to the industrial robot or cobot itself and to the additional techniques, such as the gripper, camera, scanner and/or lighting.

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Industrial robots & cobots

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