TP Concept Study

Preliminary studies provide a professional base for an optimized investment

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TP Concept Study provides a sound base for an optimized investment.

With complex or new processes, it is advisory to have a thorough analysis of the issue, before investment proposals are drawn up.

TP Concept Study

These preliminary studies pay attention to aspects like the produceability of the products and evaluate aspects like workstations, mechanization, automation, available budget, prognosis, tooling, flexibility,  and production  philosophy.

Concept and case studies

The studies are reported as a production concept or as a feasibility study. TP applies its knowledge and experience in the fileld of produceability, production method, production flow, flexibility, quality assurance and level of automation.

Solid base

The advice guarantees a solid base for decisions concerning the design and implementation of the production process and subsequential equipment investments.

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