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Each assembly line at customer’s demand

Total Productivity supplies highly automated assembly systems up to assembly systems with mainly manual activities. Whether relatively simple, but smart and creative solutions or advanced technology, we are using all our expertise to find the best solution for you.

By optimizing your production process you can keep up strengthening your competitiveness.


Optimization cycles of production processes may lead to an improved performance in various areas of flexibility and quality. At some points companies may decide to bring back their outsourced production. We tend to call this stage of improvement preshoring, as the conditional step before reshoring. It can even make the step of offshoring unnecessary and avoid all involved investments and costs.

Maintaining the manufacturing industry for our country is a secondary but valuable spin-off.

Optimization of batch size, product re-adjustment- and volume flexibility

In your assembly process we safeguard an optimum “mix”, where aspects in production like flexibility of batch sizing, product re-adjustment and production capacity is optimized.

Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement Processes

Our assembly lines meet all expectations in the field of ergonomics, quality assurance (like ISO and IATF 16949) or support Continuous Improvement Processes (like Lean, Six-sigma, scrum and agile).

New & modification of assembly lines

We do not limit ourselves only to the construction of new assembly lines. Your existing assembly line can also be adapted to meet the requirements of today and the future.

Wide weight range

We can use our assembly lines with a weight range of up to 200 kg.

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 With preshoring, offshoring and possible subsequential reshoring can be avoided. As well as all unnecessary costs and energy.

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Every production problem is a challenge for us in a positive way. It motivates us to push boundaries in our developments and solutions.
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