Assembly lines that match your objectives

Many companies are concerned with the question of how they can automate their assembly work. But that is of course not an end in itself.

For example, you may want to automate assembly to improve working conditions or as a solution for staff shortages. Other reasons are that production must be more efficient in order to shorten delivery times, better guarantee product quality or to lower the cost price.

Total Productivity is your sparring partner who thinks along with you in all parts of the process. Depending on your objective, we advise you on the right solution.

Flexible assembly lines

From completely automated assembly lines to manual systems. In our assembly solutions we guarantee a optimal mix, depending on your goals. Systems in which it is easy to switch to other products or variants. With optimum flexibility in series size and product format.

One-piece flow

By integration with an ERP system it is also possible to secure the complete mix production in one-piece flow in your assembly line.

Quality Assurance & Continuous Improvement Processes (CVP)

Naturally, the assembly line can also be equipped with techniques that support ergonomics, quality assurance or Continuous Improvement processes (CVP). Also consider, for example product identification and test automation.


Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Investment (ROI)


The payback period of production systems is often short. In addition, the current market development shows that the life cycle of products is decreasing. In addition, the number of product variants is increasing sharply. It is therefore becoming increasingly complicated to automate relatively simple operations.

In these situations, the ROI often determines the degree of automation.

Reusability of machines

Sometimes there is also a desire to use previously purchased machines in the project. Or to take the reusability of machines into account in the concept for reasons of future proof or flexibility.

A good example of this is the deployment of industrial robots in a project. A robot can fulfill various functions and can also be used in a different configuration in the future.

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