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Smart production with Visual Factory shop floor control software

Visual Factory is web browser-based production management software that can drastically reduce costs. Improve the productivity and efficiency of your workforce with the help of this application by preventing mistakes from the first moment (First Time Right / FTR).

Visual Factory, simple, standardized and automatic

This powerful software consists of various business functions. It is an extensive information system for monitoring and controlling production processes and provides everything that the simple work instruction systems cannot do.



The built-in intelligent and innovative configurator makes producing complex assemblies with a high variety extremely simple and cost effective.


It is a single point of contact for all production knowledge and intelligence, eliminating the need for multiple document-based systems.



The software automates and coordinates the manufacturing intelligence needed to optimize the process. Information you have at hand when you need to know.

Use Case - Parallel development of product and production line at thyssenkrupp

This project is also distinguished by turnkey integration of Visual Factory digital work instructions
Cooperation of this software with the ERP system ensures that One-Piece-Flow can be produced. The assembly operators are now presented with the correct order and product instructions at any time.

Use Case - Visual Factory at RAVO Fayat Group

Already in 2015, RAVO made the choice to start using Visual Factory manufacturing software. RAVO, a manufacturer of street sweepers, chose Visual Factory to secure the complex assembly.

Use case - Visual Factory in the Flexible Manufacturing Fieldlab

This autumn, Total Productivity, in collaboration with TNO, will integrate the Shopfloor Control System “Visual Factory” in one of the demo workplaces on the BIC Campus in Eindhoven.

Seamless integration with your existing business applications

Visual Factory is built in accordance with ISA-95, the international standard for the integration of office and production automation systems. As a result, this Manufacturing Execution System (MES) seamlessly connects your production process with most ERP and MRP packages.

That is why this system is extremely suitable for Configure to Order (CTO) and customer-specific, or High Mix / Low Volume (QRM), environments.

Visual Factory is therefore much more than just work instruction software

Visual Factory is designed to record and track valuable production data. This includes recording what tools are used up to how long it took to complete a particular activity.

It provides a comprehensive platform to support Lean production.



  1. Best practice Lean Manufacturing with standardized visual work instructions.
  2. The playing field is levels 2 and 3 of the production system model (Lean house), the coordinating mission-critical tasks: value stream, quality and timeliness.
  3. Deliver with the range available modules an integrated solution for your business processes. These modules provide MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) functionality.
  4. The source for production knowledge and production intelligence.
  5. Implement core philosophies such as; Lean Operations, Just In Time Production, Kaizen, Visual Kanban and more.

Why choose Visual Factory software?

Track & trace werkvloer data

Track & trace shop floor data

Verbeter de efficiency van uw werknemers

Improve the efficiency of your employees

Verbeter de productiviteit

Improve productivity

Verlaag de kosten

Lower costs

Lever in één keer goed

Deliver right first time

Verlaag de inleertijd

Decrease the learning time

Verbeter de productiviteit

Reduce waste

Het werkt!

It functions!

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More information?

Visual Factory is a web-based system that is securely hosted on your own intranet or in the cloud. The step-by-step visual work instructions provide clear, accurate information to describe even the most complex processes.

It has aBOM integration with many existing ERP and MRP systems. In addition, it givesReal time information about progress, production status, bottlenecks, problems and outstanding defects.

Visual factory offersflexible pricesbased on a pay-per-seat formula with monthly subscription models that are easy to scale up and down. Itmodular designgives the flexibility to pay only for what you need at the moment and add extra functionality when needed.

Total Productivity is an official dealer of Visual Factory shop floor control software


TNO develops canvas model for optimal cooperation between humans and robots

As part of the Smart Manufacturing Industrial Application South Holland program of TNO, Alex Valkering and Hans Totté were able to contribute ideas at RoboHouse during a pilot for a new workshop. Namely the development of a canvas model with which the optimal cooperation and interaction between humans and robots can be determined.

Livestream: Innovation & economy stimulate reshoring

Recent times have made it clear that our dependence on low-wage countries is high. Being able to operate independently of these production countries has thus become a topic of discussion.

But why is there so much production abroad? How can we shorten the chains and how do you organize production in the Netherlands? We talk about it during this NHNEXT livestream with Thijs Pennink, Hans Totté, Peter Hobbelen and Marjolijn Dölle.

Business as usual “doing business in Corona time”

Normally there is little ambition in this statement, but nowadays the pursuit of “business as usual” is already quite a challenge. We are proud to announce that we have been able to deliver our recent projects without delay. With a lot of creativity we have found solutions to the challenges that have come our way.

Mark Winter, new project engineer-constructor

It had been buzzing through the building for a while: Winter is coming. On September 1, the time had come: Mark Winter starts at Total Productivity as a Project engineer-constructor.

How does Total Productivity deal with Corona?

The world is under the spell of the Corona / Covid-19 virus. The media informs us every day about the number of infections in the Netherlands. Of course Total Productivity also takes its responsibility.


Vacancy service engineer / maintenance technician

Total Productivity invents and builds production systems.
Due to continued growth, we are looking for a:
Service engineer / maintenance engineer
Responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance of production systems developed by us at home and abroad.

Vacancy project mechanic

Total Productivity invents and builds production systems.
Due to continued growth, we are looking for a:
Service engineer / maintenance engineer
Responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance of production systems developed by us at home and abroad.


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