Industrial machine building is sustainable machine building

A technical failure that shuts down the entire production process. The horror for any company in the manufacturing industry. But it becomes even more annoying if the part that causes the problems is no longer available.

This is exactly the reason why Total Productivity already chooses during the engineering process to invest time in the availability of components in the future and the maintenance sensitivity of parts in the production system. Joery Brown, Manager Projects at Total Productivity shares his vision.

Joery Brown over industriële machinebouw


“Actually, our starting point is very simple, when in doubt we prefer to opt for overdimension. The additional cost of over-dimensioned material ultimately has a negligible impact.

Ultimately, only the overall performance of the production system counts. The durability and robustness of the system is essential in this respect.”

Use of triple-A brands in industrial machine building

On a daily basis, Total Productivity designs production systems for the manufacturing industry. To avoid the risk of downtime, we therefore use components and brands that have proven themselves in reliability and availability.

“These Triple-A Brands have a reputation to uphold and live up to. Of course, components are also being phased out for these brands. But you are often informed about this years in advance. You will also be referred to an alternative component. The phased-out components can be supplied for years to come.”

“Industrial mechanical engineering is deliberately lagging behind”

“Because production machines always focus on primary functionality, we take a conservative approach when developing a machine. If a choice has to be made between innovation or robustness, we often choose the latter.”

PLC with HMI as first choice

“We primarily prefer the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) in combination with an HMI (Human Machine Interface) to an (industrial) computer with a monitor.

The combination PLC with HMI is reliable and robust. In addition, spare parts are generally readily available.

Sometimes a different choice is made in consultation with our customers, but we always guarantee the industriality of the total production system”.

TP opts for reliability and robustness

“For this reason, we sometimes miss an order. That's a shame, but it's no reason for us to bet lower. The reliability and robustness of production systems developed by us should never suffer from choices of crucial components.”

Industriële machinebouw met Siemens HMI en PLC

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