Business as usual

About doing business in corona time

Normally there is little ambition in this statement, but nowadays pursuing “business as usual” is already quite a challenge. One that we at Total Productivity have entered into without any doubt with an eye for the health of our employees. We are therefore proud to announce that we were able to deliver our recent projects without delay. In no time our employees have become experienced Microsoft Teams users and with a lot of creativity we have found solutions for the challenges that have come our way.


The experience we have gained will come in handy in the coming period. New customers have expressed their confidence in Total Productivity and existing customers have also forgiven us for new projects. We are now receiving the first questions that should give substance to reshoring, a theme that has been increasingly discussed since the corona crisis began worldwide. We talk to our relations about the technical and economic feasibility of bringing (part of) their production back to Western Europe. By determining the right balance between people, means and method, an interesting business case arises where appropriate.

Creative thinking

We hope that the economic consequences will be limited in the coming years and are also confident in this due to the encouraging spirit we receive from our relations. Creative thinking is given to dealing with the change in the economy and, for example, retrieving activities to stimulate the local economy. We wish everyone a lot of health and success, if we can support you with anything, we would of course like to hear about it.