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Projected work instructions as an operator support system.

At TNO in Leiden, recently a manual assembly workstation with a new operator support system based on projection, has been realized. In this demonstration model an operator is supported and guided at executing the tasks with projected work instructions.

With beamer technology the correct picking-bin can be highlighted. Also, the mounting instruction can be projected on either the product or the bench table.

Immediate feedback

Operators can have immediate feedback, in case the incorrect part is picked. Navigation through the instructions goes semi-automatic and critical steps can be conformed manually by means of virtual buttons, projected on the workbench.

The system can integrate with external hardware like scanners, vision or tooling. Production data (like process time, leadtime and check-time) are written in a central database for analysis ends.

Teaching new employees

The system can be used well when training new employees, but can also be used by experienced operators if product variants and materials change frequently.

Projection evaluation

In the context of the fieldlab Flexible Manufacturing, the demo-workstation has visited various companies. Operators and engineers of these companies have participated in tests, measuring the effectivity and efficiency of the projection technology compared to other systems (paper, screen).

Also, the effects on the load of the operators are measured as well as their experience with and impressions of the projected instructions. Data are open for analysis.

Mr. Bas Strijker, manager engineering Bronkhorst B.V.:
“it was very  valuable to test the OPS Light Guided System, live in the factory. Demo’s of our own assembly process were done with our own products. All our 8 operators  had a positive to very positive impression of the experiment. It provides the possibility for everyone involved to make his own evaluation of the (im)possibilities of the system.”

Development data model

The data model consists of a process model (structure to model the process and subsequent activities), a product model (product descriptions, parts, assemblies), a resource model (workstation, tooling) and a recipe model (ingredients, instructions).

Simple and effective system for the projection of work instructions in assembly

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