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Projection work instruction as operator support system

at TNO in Leiden A new operator support system was recently integrated into a manual assembly workplace. In the demonstration cell, an operator is supported in performing tasks (work instructions) by projections.

With the help of the beamer, the correct container can be illuminated and the assembly instructions can also be projected onto the product or worktop. As a result, operators quickly know which part to pick up and where and how it should be mounted.


Operators can also receive immediate feedback if the wrong part is picked. Navigation through the work instructions is (semi-) automatic and any critical steps can be manually confirmed with the help of virtual buttons that can be projected on the worksheet.

The system can be relatively easily linked to external systems (including hand scanners, 2D / 3D vision). Production data (including processing and assembly times, quality data) are of course written into a database to enable additional analyzes.

Teach new employees

The system can be used well when training new employees, but can also be used by experienced operators when product variants and materials change more frequently.

Evaluation system

This demonstration workplace is, in connection with the TKI project Flexible Assembly (fieldlab Flexible Manufacturing), traveled to various companies. Together with these companies and their employees (operators and engineers), TNO has carried out measurements of the effectiveness and efficiency of this system compared to digital work instructions via a screen.

The effects on the employee's workload were also determined, as well as their experiences with the projection system. The results are now being processed.

The evaluation by Bas Strijker, engineering manager at Bronkhorst reads: “It was very valuable to test the OPS Light Guided System live in the factory. Within Bronkhorst, many attended the demos with our own product. All 8 operators participating in the experiment were positive. This has a positive effect. Everyone is thus able to estimate the (im) possibilities of this system. ”

Data model development

As part of the same TKI project, TNO is also developing a data model that will be linked to this OPS Light Guided System. The data model consists of a process model (including structure for process and various activities), a product model (including product description, parts, composition), a resource model (including cell, tools) and a recipe model (including ingredients, instructions).

The data model makes it possible to work recipe-driven for different product types on the basis of a production order: a process description, work instructions and configuration instructions for an assembly cell can be generated in a flexible way. The link with the OPS system means that the work instructions for an assembly activity can soon be automatically generated from the data model and presented to the system.

The results of this TKI project flexible assembly cell will be used in the 'Flexible Manufacturing Fieldlab' that will be part of the Factory of the Future program at Brainport Industries. In addition to the aforementioned organizations, more production companies, developers and suppliers of equipment and knowledge institutions are involved.


TNO develops canvas model for optimal cooperation between humans and robots

As part of the Smart Manufacturing Industrial Application South Holland program of TNO, Alex Valkering and Hans Totté were able to contribute ideas at RoboHouse during a pilot for a new workshop. Namely the development of a canvas model with which the optimal cooperation and interaction between humans and robots can be determined.

Livestream: Innovation & economy stimulate reshoring

Recent times have made it clear that our dependence on low-wage countries is high. Being able to operate independently of these production countries has thus become a topic of discussion.

But why is there so much production abroad? How can we shorten the chains and how do you organize production in the Netherlands? We talk about it during this NHNEXT livestream with Thijs Pennink, Hans Totté, Peter Hobbelen and Marjolijn Dölle.

Business as usual “doing business in Corona time”

Normally there is little ambition in this statement, but nowadays the pursuit of “business as usual” is already quite a challenge. We are proud to announce that we have been able to deliver our recent projects without delay. With a lot of creativity we have found solutions to the challenges that have come our way.

Mark Winter, new project engineer-constructor

It had been buzzing through the building for a while: Winter is coming. On September 1, the time had come: Mark Winter starts at Total Productivity as a Project engineer-constructor.

How does Total Productivity deal with Corona?

The world is under the spell of the Corona / Covid-19 virus. The media informs us every day about the number of infections in the Netherlands. Of course Total Productivity also takes its responsibility.


Vacancy service engineer / maintenance technician

Total Productivity invents and builds production systems.
Due to continued growth, we are looking for a:
Service engineer / maintenance engineer
Responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance of production systems developed by us at home and abroad.

Vacancy project mechanic

Total Productivity invents and builds production systems.
Due to continued growth, we are looking for a:
Service engineer / maintenance engineer
Responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance of production systems developed by us at home and abroad.


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