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Pick-to-light and digital work instructions

The results, obtained from the study below into the effects of age and form of instruction on speed and accuracy of work, will of course be applied in our new implementation processes of pick-to-light and digital work instructions in assembly.

Study of the effects of age and form of instruction on assembly

TNO, in collaboration with the Free University of Amsterdam and Total Productivity, has published the research results of a study into the effects of age and type of instruction on speed and accuracy of work. This study provides a new picture of fast and effective assembly instruction.

Pick-to-Light sensors

The assembly tasks were taught to young people and the elderly in an explicit form through explanations with extensive digital work instructions. In addition, this was implicitly taught with only Pick-to-Light sensors.

Of course we will use this new knowledge for the implementation of the new Pick-to-Light and VisualFactory trajectories

Remarkable research results

  • Learning with an explanation is better for the elderly (50+) than without an explanation (Pick to Light).
  • Performing a dual task harms work performance. This applies to both young and old.
  • Older people are more affected by short-term task changes than young people.

More and more flexibility is expected from our customers. With this new knowledge, we are even better able to optimize the performance of your production employees.


TNO develops canvas model for optimal cooperation between humans and robots

As part of the Smart Manufacturing Industrial Application South Holland program of TNO, Alex Valkering and Hans Totté were able to contribute ideas at RoboHouse during a pilot for a new workshop. Namely the development of a canvas model with which the optimal cooperation and interaction between humans and robots can be determined.

Livestream: Innovation & economy stimulate reshoring

Recent times have made it clear that our dependence on low-wage countries is high. Being able to operate independently of these production countries has thus become a topic of discussion.

But why is there so much production abroad? How can we shorten the chains and how do you organize production in the Netherlands? We talk about it during this NHNEXT livestream with Thijs Pennink, Hans Totté, Peter Hobbelen and Marjolijn Dölle.

Business as usual “doing business in Corona time”

Normally there is little ambition in this statement, but nowadays the pursuit of “business as usual” is already quite a challenge. We are proud to announce that we have been able to deliver our recent projects without delay. With a lot of creativity we have found solutions to the challenges that have come our way.

Mark Winter, new project engineer-constructor

It had been buzzing through the building for a while: Winter is coming. On September 1, the time had come: Mark Winter starts at Total Productivity as a Project engineer-constructor.

How does Total Productivity deal with Corona?

The world is under the spell of the Corona / Covid-19 virus. The media informs us every day about the number of infections in the Netherlands. Of course Total Productivity also takes its responsibility.


Vacature lead-engineer

Door aanhoudende groei zijn wij op zoek naar een lead-engineer. in deze functie ben je verantwoordelijk voor het (doen) bedenken, ontwerpen, engineeren van een optimaal en gebalanceerd ontwerp wat aan alle functionele-, technische-, kostprijs- en vormgevingseisen voldoet.

Vacature projectmanager

Door aanhoudende groei zijn wij op zoek naar een projectmanager. In deze functie ben je verantwoordelijk voor het realiseren van technische projecten van ontwerp tot en met inbedrijfstelling bij de klant.

Vacature service-engineer / onderhoudsmonteur

Door aanhoudende groei zijn wij op zoek naar een service-engineer / onderhoudsmonteur. In deze functie ben je verantwoordelijk voor het preventief en correctief onderhouden van door ons ontwikkelde productiesystemen in binnen- en buitenland.

Vacature projectmonteur

Door aanhoudende groei zijn wij op zoek naar een projectmonteur. In deze functie ben je verantwoordelijk voor het assembleren, installeren, testen en in gebruik stellen van door ons ontwikkelde productiesystemen.


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