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The goal of ManuVAR is the development and erection of an innovative production cel, where manual assembly activities can be performed throughout the whole life cycle of this product. It is supported by flexible, digital work guidance and instructions.

ManuVAR covers ergonomics, safety, work instructions and training for operators and maintenance personnel. It concerns the development of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality for the work guidance. The production cell must be applicable for SME manufactures.


The development of a platform to support high-quality manual work throughout the entire product life cycle. The ManuVAR platform is focused on ergonomics, safety, work instructions and training.

The intended result is a better exchange of information between developers, factory operators, maintenance staff and end users. Concrete goals are lowering costs and increasing productivity and quality, recording and exchanging knowledge and streamlining product changes.


Virtual Reality en Augmented Reality play a pivotal role in het realization of the targets. The specific contribution of Total Productivity consisted of the development and integration of a workstation (module) where a variety of (fictional) activities  was supported with augmented reality.

The system was able to register and log all movements of the operator. One of the conditions needed to be able to offer the right augmented instructions to the operator.

About the customer

ManuVAR is a consortium of eighteen partners from 8 countries which are  active in the industry, universities and knowledge- and research institutes. The partners focus on five target areas: Satellite Assembly, Assembly Lines and SMEs, Remote Maintenance, Power Plants and Heavy Machinery.

Manual assembly work, supported and guided in a flexible set-up throughout the lifecycle of the product.

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