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A new approach for the industry to convert manual activities to flexible automation.

The fieldlab Flexible Manufacturing at the Brainport Industries Campus introduces a new automation approach for the industry:

from automation of actions to an automated truly flexible production process

The Dutch industry produces components and products in small series and often in a varied mix of configurations. This makes automation in general more costly.
This fieldlab aims to make automation for this typology of pocesses profitable. This is done by apllicating robotics and other forms of automation in an innovative Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS).


The fieldlab is focused on applying contemporary robot technology to the full. A prototype will be built to develop, evaluate and prove the effectivity of ‘low volume, high complexity, high mix’ production processes.


Flexible manufacturing technology

The project strives for an open design structure: products in different stages of their development are welcome in the fieldlab to make use of the flexible manufacturing and learn from the applications.

The FMS can be integrated into the fieldlab facility at the Brainport Industry Campus, but also at the fabrication plats’ of the participating companies.


As technology evolves, robots will progressively be able to take over more complex tasks from human operators.

This will enhance the competitiveness of the industry. It will create a new and different job-labour pallet.

From one-dimensional automation to automated flexible production

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