pick-to-light and VisualFactory digital work instructions

The results obtained from the study on the effects of age and instruction form on speed and accuracy of work, will naturally be applied in our new implementation processes of pick-to-light and digital work instructions in assembly environments.

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Study of the effects of age and instruction technique on speed and accuracy of work

TNO has, in cooperation with the Amsterdam University and Total Productivity, published a study of the effects of age and instruction technique on the speed and accuracy performance of an operator. This study provides new insight on how to effectively instruct an operator in production and assembly environment.

Pick-to-Light sensors

The assembly tasks were learned by a goup of younger and elderly. In both the explicit (with explanation on the how and why) and implicit (onlyPick-to-Light sensors) manner.

The results will be applied for the implementation of new pick-to-light or VisualFactory trajects.

Remarkable outcomes

  • Learning with explicit instructions works better than the Pick-to-Light instructions, for the elderly group.
  • The execution of double tasks is a disadvantage for both younger and elderly operators.
  • Elderly people are less adaptive to short-term task changes than younger people.

Our customers demand more and more optimized flexibility. With this newly developed insight we have improved our ability to optimize the performace of your operators.

Especially older operators will benefit from individually aligned forms of work support 

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of Pick-to_light or digital work instructions? We are happy to inform you!

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