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In simplicity, efficiency or flexibility. But also by just going a step further than the customer expects.
We combine modern techniques in our manufacturing solutions. To be able to do that, our multidisciplinary engineers must have a preponderance on the matter. You achieve this by, for example, structurally linking up with research and innovation projects. The consistent stimulation of an innovative mindset among our employees is also a precondition for this. And, when our internal expertise needs replenishment, we, of course, use our network of external specialists.


Flexible production automation

This field lab aims to make production processes more flexible and automated with the use of, amongst other things, industrial robots without programming time. The short changeover times make it easier to produce small series. Together with Brainport Industries and a large number of partners, the bar in production flexibility will be raised from 2017 onwards.

Work instructions and Pick-to-Light can be projected directly on the desktop and stock bins. The projection is also interactive, actions are recorded. This project took place in close collaboration with TNO

TNO, in collaboration with the Free University of Amsterdam and Total Productivity, published the research results of a study into effects of age and instructional form on the speed and accuracy of work. The results obtained from this study will, of course, be applied in our new implementation processes of pick-to-light and digital work instructions in assembly.

The goal of ManuVAR is to develop an innovative platform that provides flexible support for manual work during the entire lifecycle of a product.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) play a central role in achieving these goals.

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