Innovative flexible production solutions through knowledge & collaboration

In simplicity, efficiency or flexibility, but also by simply going one step further than the customer expects.
Wij combineren in onze productie-oplossingen moderne technieken. Om dat te kunnen, moeten onze multidisciplinaire engineers overwicht op de materie hebben. Dit bereik je onder meer door structureel aan te sluiten bij onderzoeks- en innovatieprojecten. Ook het consequent stimuleren van een innovatieve mindset bij onze medewerkers is hierin een randvoorwaarde. En wanneer onze interne expertise aanvulling nodig heeft, schakelen wij  natuurlijk  ons netwerk van externe specialisten in.


Unique “hanging” assembly system

The product to be assembled is presented to the operator hanging and the transport to the next assembly position is also carried out hanging. This means that almost the entire assembly floor remains available for material supply and tools.

Fully automated flushing unit gives full control over the flushing process. Subsequent process steps are fully automated. In addition, the digitized pneumatics also offers advantages for the end user.

Completely automated flushing unit

Fieldlab flexible manufacturing

Flexible production automation

This field lab aims to make production processes more flexible and to automate with the use of, among others industriële robots zonder programmeertijd. The short changeover times make it easier to produce small series.

Together with Brainport Industries en partners werken wij in deze praktijkomgeving aan de verbetering van productieflexibiliteit.

Work instructions and Pick-to-Light can be projected directly onto the workplace and the stock bins. The projection is also interactive, actions are registered. This project has taken place in close collaboration with TNO.

Projection work instruction

Teach in assembly instructions

TNO, in collaboration with the Free University of Amsterdam and Total Productivity published the research results of a study into the effects of age and type of instruction on the speed and accuracy of work. The results, obtained from this study, will of course be applied in our new implementation processes of pick-to-light and digital work instructions in assembly.

The goal of ManuVAR is to develop an innovative platform that provides flexible support for manual work throughout the entire life cycle of a product.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) play a central role in achieving these goals.



TNO develops canvas model for optimal cooperation between humans and robots

As part of the Smart Manufacturing Industrial Application South Holland program of TNO, Alex Valkering and Hans Totté were able to contribute ideas at RoboHouse during a pilot for a new workshop. Namely the development of a canvas model with which the optimal cooperation and interaction between humans and robots can be determined.

Livestream: Innovation & economy stimulate reshoring

Recent times have made it clear that our dependence on low-wage countries is high. Being able to operate independently of these production countries has thus become a topic of discussion.

But why is there so much production abroad? How can we shorten the chains and how do you organize production in the Netherlands? We talk about it during this NHNEXT livestream with Thijs Pennink, Hans Totté, Peter Hobbelen and Marjolijn Dölle.

Business as usual “doing business in Corona time”

Normally there is little ambition in this statement, but nowadays the pursuit of “business as usual” is already quite a challenge. We are proud to announce that we have been able to deliver our recent projects without delay. With a lot of creativity we have found solutions to the challenges that have come our way.

Mark Winter, new project engineer-constructor

It had been buzzing through the building for a while: Winter is coming. On September 1, the time had come: Mark Winter starts at Total Productivity as a Project engineer-constructor.

How does Total Productivity deal with Corona?

The world is under the spell of the Corona / Covid-19 virus. The media informs us every day about the number of infections in the Netherlands. Of course Total Productivity also takes its responsibility.


Vacancy lead engineer

Due to continuous growth, we are looking for a lead engineer. In this position you are responsible for conceiving, designing and engineering an optimal and balanced design that meets all functional, technical, cost price and design requirements.

Vacancy project manager

Due to continuous growth, we are looking for a project manager. In this position you are responsible for realizing technical projects from design to commissioning at the customer.

Vacancy service engineer / maintenance technician

Due to continuous growth, we are looking for a service engineer / maintenance technician. In this position you are responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance of production systems developed by us at home and abroad.

Vacancy project engineer

Due to continuous growth, we are looking for a project technician. In this position you are responsible for assembling, installing, testing and commissioning of production systems developed by us.


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