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Development and supply of a series of special equipment

For the plastics industry, Total Productivity has developed and produced a series of special equipment. Our systems are developed with flexibility and Return on Investment (ROI) as prime characteristics. By applying technique in a smart manner, huge advantages can be achieved.

Focus on flexibility and Return On Investment

We distinguish ourselves by focussing on aspects like output, quality assurance, flexibility and, of course, Return On Investment. By applying technique in a smart way huge advantages can be achieved. For example, we developed a technique to remove  extrusion burr by means of a flexible punch application. Thus making the equipment cheaper and more flexible (also for future products) at the same time.

Parallel development of product and production equipment

Another distinguishing element of our systems, is our ability to develop both product and production equipment in a concurrent engineering process. This does not only require the right technical expertise on our side. It also needs flexibility and professionalism in the project management on both the customer ‘s and  TP’s side.

But, this is exactly what we stand for. By cooperating with the customer in an early stage of development, an optimized result can be achieved.

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Every production problem is a challenge for us in a positive way. It motivates us to push boundaries in our developments and solutions.
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