industrial automation is essential in the manufacturing industry

From automotive to consumer electronics, Total Productivity has years of experience in the manufacturing industry with its products on customer demand with a short delivery time. Precisely because the life cycle and Time-to-Market of products are becoming shorter and shorter, the flexibility of production systems has to be larger and larger. The costs for this, however, must not increase disproportionately and the quality must also be guaranteed. Our solutions perfectly match this need and are used in both SME and Large Business. We have been offering tailor-made solutions for industrial automation for more than twenty-five years, particularly in consumer electronics, the plastics processing industry and the automotive sector. We, therefore, know the world of discrete production like no other and are capable of offering solutions that meet the desired objectives.


The automotive industry is leading the way in industrial automation

The automotive industry is at the forefront of implementing cutting-edge industrial automation. We supply both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and high-tech first-tier suppliers (tier-1 suppliers) in the automotive industry.

Special machines

For the plastics processing industry we have developed and delivered a large number of special machines. Just think of the removal of sprues on semi-finished products, automated loading and unloading of production machines, laser cutting of PET containers, heat treatment, bag-feed subsystems, fully automated assembly and many other automated solutions.

Flexibility as standard integration

Years of experience at Philips and other companies in the assembly of a wide range of products, ensure that we know the consumer electronics market as no other. Increasing demands in areas such as flexibility, we automatically integrate into production automation designs.

One Piece Flow in customer-specific production

The automation techniques that we use for production optimization at our customers in the automotive, consumer electronics and plastics processing industries can of course also be applied in the other sectors of the manufacturing industry. Our power lies in our far-reaching specialization of realizing customer-specific Lean production in One Piece Flow.

 Our power lies in our far-reaching specialization of realizing customer-specific Lean production in One Piece Flow.

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