TP Engineering, the foundation of the system

When the concept is final, it is shaped in a 3D model. We also include the machines, robotics and manufacturing parts that we integrate in the project in this model.

The detailed drawings that result from this form the basis for the manufacturing components in the system.

TP Engineering

Course Of Action

Lead time and progress

Depending on the complexity, the engineering and design period can take 4 to 25 weeks. Our project manager organizes a weekly (digital) progress meeting. In this we discuss the progress of the project and there is room for questions.

Design review

We conclude the engineering process with a Design Review. This design review is an important benchmark in our development process. The design is evaluated here based on its requirements. After approval, we freeze the model and the detailed drawings so that we can order the components and manufactured parts.

We will order items with a long delivery time earlier as long as these parts cannot affect the final frozen design.

Diagram van het engineering proces van TP

Overview of our core activities

TP Concepts

From analysis to a feasible and creative concept. Provides optimal insight into the intended result.

To be purchased as a separate product (TP Concept Study) or as part of a project.

TP Engineering

The foundation of the final system. Delivered in the form of 3D models and detailed drawings.

Construction follows after approval of the design.

TP Constructing

Assembling the system in our workshop.

After approval, the system is built on location and training of operators and technical service follows.

TP Support

Periodic maintenance and support of the delivered systems.

In addition, make use of our LEAN professionals and get the most out of your production process.