TP Constructing, the assembly of the system

Aan de hand van de tekeningen wordt de gehele productielijn of machine samengebouwd inclusief de besturing. Als het geheel werkt, nodigen we de klant uit voor afname, the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

The system is then transported and installed on site, after which the Site Acceptance Test (SAT)can take place.

TP Constructing

Course Of Action

samenbouw van de installatie met besturing


We build the system together in our workshop in Broek op Langedijk. Our technicians work closely with the engineers on this. At the internal collection we test the installation accurately. After the FAT by the customer, the system is transported, installed on site and prepared for the SAT.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

After one of the engineers who did not work on the installation has tested the system, the factory purchase Place. During this FAT you will have the opportunity to produce the system with your own operators, at our location. This simulation of reality provides realistic results. This obviously speeds up system integration at your site.

After your approval on the FAT, we transport the system and install it on location.

Site Acceptance Test (SAT)

Then there will be a commissioning place at your location. Part of the SAT may include a Run at Rate-inspection. In the Run at Rate we show that the system meets the requirements and standards as agreed and recorded in the Concept phase.

Operator and Technical Service Training

This is followed by training of operators and technical service, so that the installation can go into production as quickly as possible and without any problems.

Overview of our core activities

TP Concepts

From analysis to a feasible and creative concept. Provides optimal insight into the intended result.

To be purchased as a separate product (TP Concept Study) or as part of a project.

TP Engineering

The foundation of the final system. Delivered in the form of 3D models and detailed drawings.

Construction follows after approval of the design.

TP Constructing

Assembling the system in our workshop.

After approval, the system is built on location and training of operators and technical service follows.

TP Support

Periodic maintenance and support of the delivered systems.

In addition, make use of our LEAN professionals and get the most out of your production process.