TP Concepts

“It all starts with a good idea and teamwork”

At the start of a new project, we work iteratively towards the ideal concept. This process of systematically repeating steps often results in multiple concepts. We test these against predetermined success factors such as quality, Return on Investment (ROI), risks, capacity and reliability.

At the end of this process, we present the concept that best meets the preconditions.

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Together with you, we work towards this ideal production concept that provides a one-to-one answer to your productivity issue. The right balance between people, method and resources is crucial.

People, method and resources

Here lies the foundation of all possible causes and solutions. Think of:

  1. The human aspects in the process
  2. Instructions, actions and procedures in the process
  3. The machines and resources used in the process

During the concept phase, we regularly consult with you so that all possible information is revealed. We like to make use of the experience, brainpower and creativity of all those involved in the process.

Work smarter not harder

Productivity is often confused with “making more” or “working harder”. Unfortunately, making more or working harder does not automatically increase output. Productivity is the sum of efficiency and effectiveness, in which both factors carry equal weight.


Our working method is based on the LEAN methodology to systematically innovate processes and realize quality and efficiency improvements.

Diagram van het iteratieve engineering proces

TP Concept Study

In complex and/or new processes, it is often desirable to first analyze the problem before investing. The TP Concept Study is the same as TP Concepts, but a stand-alone product that serves as the basis for the right investment application for new products or processes.

  • Provides optimal insight into the expected results.
  • Keep your budget in mind.
  • To be purchased as a separate product (TP Concept Study) or as part of a project.

The TP Concept Study gives you an optimal insight into the expected results on the basis of which decisions can be made.

Overview of our core activities

TP Concepts

From analysis to a feasible and creative concept. Provides optimal insight into the intended result.

To be purchased as a separate product (TP Concept Study) or as part of a project.

TP Engineering

The foundation of the final system. Delivered in the form of 3D models and detailed drawings.

Construction follows after approval of the design.

TP Constructing

Assembling the system in our workshop.

After approval, the system is built on location and training of operators and technical service follows.

TP Support

Periodic maintenance and support of the delivered systems.

In addition, make use of our LEAN professionals and get the most out of your production process.