Customized solutions for the industry

Total Productivity has been offering custom solutions in industrial automation for over twenty-five years. We focus specifically on the manufacturing industry. We have an extensive track record, particularly in the consumer and industrial products, automotive and plastics industry.


Our expertise in assembly solutions lies specifically in complex single pieces and series production with a short delivery time. Precisely because the life cycle and Time-to-Market of products is becoming shorter and shorter, the flexibility of production systems must be increasingly greater. In addition, quality must be guaranteed and the payback period must be short.

Markets in which we operate

We are active in consumer and industrial products, automotive and the plastics industry. Because we are so broadly active, it often happens that we can apply techniques and knowledge that we have acquired in one of these markets in another market. This enables us to present creative and innovative concepts to our customers.

Solutions for both SMEs and Multinationals

Our solutions perfectly match the needs and are used in both SMEs and multinationals. We know the world of the industry like no other and are able to offer solutions that achieve your desired objectives.

Creative innovative solutions that work

For each assignment, we look for the most suitable solution, which can vary from low-tech to high-tech. Together with the customer, the situation is explored and the wishes and requirements are mapped out. Each solution is therefore unique and is tailored to the customer's situation.

Unique approach

Our approach is unique. When investigating your productivity issue, we work with you to: the ideal production concept. This concept is then further developed into the final design, after which, in collaboration between TP Engineering and TP Construction the system is assembled. After acceptance and training of operators and technical service, we support you in the form of service, maintenance and advice.

Overview of our core activities

TP Concepts

From analysis to a feasible and creative concept. Provides optimal insight into the intended result.

To be purchased as a separate product (TP Concept Study) or as part of a project.

TP Engineering

The foundation of the final system. Delivered in the form of 3D models and detailed drawings.

Construction follows after approval of the design.

TP Constructing

Assembling the system in our workshop.

After approval, the system is built on location and training of operators and technical service follows.

TP Support

Periodic maintenance and support of the delivered systems.

In addition, make use of our LEAN professionals and get the most out of your production process.

For optimal results in: output increase – cost reduction – volume flexibility – quality improvement