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How does Total Productivity deal with Corona?

The world is under the spell of the Corona/Covid-19 virus. The media informs us daily about the number of infections in the Netherlands.

Of course, Total Productivity also takes its responsibility to prevent further spread and keep the economy going. However, we do this without losing sight of our core values.


We continue to work together and only have physical contact if there really is no other option. If the 1,5 meters cannot be guaranteed, we wear a mouth cap. We use the guidelines of the RIVM and the measures issued by the government.

The activities at our location in Broek op Langedijk will continue, employees who do not have to be physically present work from home. Every workstation is equipped with VPN and for meetings and meetings we use video conferencing with the help of Microsoft Teams. This way all contact moments can still take place.

Safety, health and happiness at work on location

At Total Productivity, safety, health and happiness at work are paramount. We count on the understanding of the customer or relationship for the measures we use.

If you or your company uses additional guidelines, we request that you inform our employees in advance. It is therefore possible that our employees ask about possible risks or inquire about possible contamination on the project. We hope you provide transparency about this.

Our precautions

  • As a hygiene measure, we temporarily do not shake hands.
  • We wash our hands before and after every visit. We appreciate if you do too.
  • Colleagues who have complaints stay at home (work).
  • We keep an appropriate distance of at least 1.5 meters.
  • All our employees have been informed and instructed about the measures they must take.
  • A visit to our location in Broek op Langedijk is accurately registered, if contamination occurs, we will inform you asap.
  • All our spaces are calculated for a maximum number of people and we stick to this.

In this way we keep our environment and ourselves healthy.