Total Productivity Future Proof!

At TP, 2019 is all about an agile, future-proof and innovative organization.

With the methodology designed by the Balm academy, “Manoeuvrable Employees in an Agile Company”, we are working very concretely on a stronger organization that is future-proof.

Innovation as a leitmotiv for all aspects of our business

With staff who are aware of their own values ​​and preferences. Employees who know what matters. Who are aware of their own possibilities to organize life according to their own wishes. These are the people we like to have on our team. With their agility, Total Productivity remains an organization that can respond quickly and effectively to the dynamics of the markets and to adopt the latest technologies. Innovation as a leitmotiv for all aspects of our company.

Safety, health, vitality and happiness at work

With the imagery “My Mammoet en Rider” (MMeB) all employees are trained to analyze their own actions and to think more flexibly and to participate in decisions with increased awareness.

Before the end of the year, internal ambassadors will review the organization in three themes and make it agile. The themes are safety, health & vitality and happiness at work.

If you want to know more about this method, please contactPeter-Jan Zwartor withthe Balm academy.

Mammoet en Berijder
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