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Smart production technology makes reshoring feasible

Total Productivity recently held a presentation on the cycle“Preservation and Reshoring Manufacturing Industry”.

The old way of working must be abandoned with bringing production back to its own country. Various practical cases show that a completely different approach is required.

The possibilities are diverse. Examples of this are implementation of TQM, QRM, robotization or, for example, the deployment of employees with a Sheltered Workplace Indication. The cases also prove that reshoring can not only pay off, but is sometimes even a strategic necessity.

Total Productivity case studies

TP focuses on production processes and systems that offer the necessary flexibility and quality to be -more than- competitive compared to offshore production.
The presentation for the KIVI made the thinking models concrete by presenting four “TP” practical cases. These four cases (customers not mentioned for privacy reasons) revolved around the following principles:

  1. Standardize product line
  2. Redefining and adjusting production system
  3. Integration of process steps
  4. Pure process approach
M.Taken presenteert “Behoud en Reshoring Maakindustrie”.

Is Reshoring also something for you?

The current times place new demands on the production process as a result of rapid innovation processes and the attention to complete quality control. Customization and shorter delivery times are also more often requested. In addition, the total costs of production in low-wage countries are often higher than expected. Failure and transport costs are to blame for this, as are language and cultural differences.

Perhaps you have been considering bringing your production back to the Netherlands for some time for the above reasons, but are you still unsure about how this should be tackled? Total Productivity would like to assist you in this by means of a TP Concept Study or Feasibility study Reshoring. In this research, automation, production flexibility, quality and cost controlthekey elements. Together we can ensure that there is international competition.

Is Reshoring also something for you?

For more information about such a TP Concept Study or Feasibility study Reshoring contact us without obligation.