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Significant expansion of the team

In recent months, Total Productivity has expanded its workforce with no fewer than 3 new employees: Joost Postel – Project Mechanic, Vincent Bijman – Mechanical Engineer and René Fijnheer – Software Engineer. First of all, we introduce you to René Fijnheer.

Extensive programming experience

René has been working for over 25 years and has extensive knowledge and experience with regard to programming robots and PLCs. He is also well versed in mechatronics.

His knowledge and experience fit in perfectly with the Total Productivity team. It is therefore not surprising that, despite the special circumstances in which we now have to work, he already feels completely at home in the team.

willingness to cooperate

Or as René puts it: ”There are no alpha males here, your opinion and expertise is appreciated and you are immediately involved in current projects. This openness and willingness to collaborate provides scope for innovation and quality.”

René Fijnheer- software engineer

Knowledge of robotics and mechatronics

Until recently, René worked as a software developer. An excellent job of course, but ultimately a bit too specialized for his taste. Previously, he was an entrepreneur himself for 7 years. In that capacity, he has developed and delivered complete production lines, including control and robotics.

He found the broadening he was looking for at Total Productivity, where he can share and enrich his knowledge of robotics and mechatronics in the various projects.

In free fall

In addition, René has a special hobby; skydiving in formation. About 50 to 100 times a year he ventures into the airspace, in free fall, to form a formation in a geometric pattern with 2 to 8 other paratroopers.