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Ramses Kolfin – Senior Project Manager

With many years of experience as a Project Manager, we have found an excellent addition to our team with Ramses Kolfin (43).

Broad knowledge and experience

In addition to a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Ramses also obtained a BSc Industrial Product Development. And has gained expertise in various industries in recent years. He started in the plastics processing industry, but he has also gained experience in the construction world and automotive.


Subsequently, he became proficient in project management of test systems for the automotive, commercial aerospace and military.

With these complicated test equipment such as cockpit and driving simulators, Ramses was responsible for the entire process from project initiation to acceptance test at the customer.

A heavyweight in his field.

Ramses Kolfin - Project Manager

Production automation

His choice for Total Productivity stems from his interest in industrial automation in combination with the automotive industry.

He is also interested in production automation for consumer electronics. Ramses hopes to be able to use and broaden his knowledge of project management and product development in this area.


In daily life, Ramses is the proud father of a son of 11 and a daughter of 6 years old and practices Taekwondo at a high level to stay flexible and balanced.

We are convinced that Ramses will feel completely at home in our team in the short term.

You can contact Ramses by e-mail:r.kolfin@totalproductivity.nl, phone: 0226-335023 or 06-33017903 andLinkedin