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Eurokeg leads Total Productivity to fantastic new business partner

At the initiative ofeurokegTotal Productivity has acquired a dream partnership with the multinational Logoplaste. Logoplaste is a Portuguese company that produces plastic packaging for liquids. It is a key player in the supply of packaging solutions in the plastics industry.

Hole in the wall

Logoplaste has become familiar with the “hole-in-the-wall model”, jargon for the construction of a factory of packaging products close to the factory of the finished product. Logistical costs are thus kept to a minimum.

Logoplaste has already installed 63 factories throughout the world in this way. It goes without saying that the relationships that are built in this way are very durable. They have developed this business model to a unique level.

productielijn voor Logoplaste


Both Logoplaste and Total Productivity consider cooperation to be of paramount importance. In addition to the innovative mindset and goal-oriented working method, factors that guarantee success in the realization of the project and future collaboration.

Turnkey delivery of a production line

Current order concerns delivery of a production line for the production of Keykegs for Logoplaste Torija SLU. The installation of the machines will start week 18 in Spain with production starting in mid-June. This assignment concerns 10 process machines connected by a network of conveyors.

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