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CSR is an integral part of our business approach.

Themes like proper administration, working conditions, human rights, honest business, environment, energy and  involvement with the development of the local society are embedded in our company and have the right, explicit attention.

Employees of Total Productivity have the right to work for a social objective for one day a year at the companies’ account.

Energy saving

The importance of energy will increase in the next decennium.
The initial investment is often higher. The operational costs are, however, lower. The return on investment is, as a consequence, shorter.
The extent to which customers will choose for energy-efficient solutions, will only increase in the near future.
Total Productivity will keep responding to this development.

In the offers that Total Productivity releases, energy efficient options will be quoted on request of the customer.

Sponsoring is for TP not a marketing instrument

It is a way for the company to deliver a different but concrete contribution to the society. Condition is that the organisation we support, is in line with our core values.

As with customers and suppliers, the relation with the associations we support is stable: we support them for a longer period of time to avoid fragmentation.

Judoclub Dojo ’t Loo

Judo relates perfectly to the core values of Total Productivity. De philosophy of  judo distinghuises two values:

  • Seiryoku Zenyo: maximae effectiveness with minimal  effort. The principle of doing the right things at the right moment, you may recognize in the system concepts of Total Productivity.
  • Jita Kyoei: mutual profit and wellbeing. The principle of cooperative learning is completely applicable in our business and activities.

BMX-club the Boscrossers

BMX is a relatively small but growing sport, involving a lot of young people. Total Productivity wants to contribute to the fact that technique, effort and outdoor sports stimulate the young ones in their development.

The core values of corporate social effort are structurally embedded in our company.

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