Our core values: groundbreaking, cooperative, goal oriented

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What inspires us

We developed our core values by looking at what the organization drives and inspires. You continuously see our core values in the acting of our company, our employees and the stories that this produces. They are the basic principles of our organization and show what we find valuable. For our customers and for our team.

Total Productivity is groundbreaking, collaborative and goal oriented.

 the rat represents our symbol for the core values groundbreaking, creative and, out of the box


creative and “out of the box”

investment in innovation

(inter)national R&D projects


intensive interaction with regular customers

network of specialists

collaboration with knowledge institutes

 Ants symbolize the core value cooperative
purposeful through means and methodology result

goal oriented

preliminary study and realization in one hand

optimal balance in human effort, resource, and methodology


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Every production problem challenges us in a positive way. This motivates us to build groundbreaking systems.

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